Company Profile

Qingdao Hansen Biologic Science Co.,Ltd is  the national development and Reform Commission approval of fixed-point pesticide production enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises. Qingdao Hansen Biologic Science Co.,Ltd mainly engaged in producing, processing, trade and scientific research in pesticides, has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 certification system, With the provincial-level enterprise technology center, Qingdao bionic pesticide engineering research center and postdoctoral scientific research workstation.

Qingdao Hansen has the key technology on fomesafen, Ethyl ether fluoroglycofen, Lactofen, Trifluralin , Thifluzamide, Propargite and production, are in the leading domestic level. Qingdao Hansen won the Shandong provincial science and technology progress award 1, Qingdao science and technology progress award 3; patent applications 44, has assumed the national torch plan, spark plan and the development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of science and technology and other ministries and provincial and municipal project 40 items.

Qingdao Hansen will be based on the pesticide TC product and the relevant formulation product development ——product series; focus on the biological pesticide and biomimetic pesticide products, high efficiency and low toxicity, environment friendly product development; both pesticide intermediates and relevant fine chemical product development

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